Posted by: scribbles2day | September 29, 2007

The Impossibility of Free Will

“In order to know that our wills are determined by no cause, we should have to know every possible cause in the entire universe. Nothing could be allowed to escape our mind. To be conscious of free will therefore requires omniscience. Hence there is no consciousness of free will; what its exponents take as consciousness of free will is simply the unconsciousness of determination.” –Gordon Clark: Religion, Reason and Revelation, “God and Evil” (in Vol. 4, Christian Philosophy, p. 262)

Posted by: scribbles2day | June 28, 2007

What are the possibilities of that being true?

While reading a book it dawned on me the likely-hood that the ‘church’ out there is not spiritual and as a result, extremely weak.

We are creatures having a body, soul, and spirit. The body sees stuff and touches stuff. The soul likes or dislikes what the body touches and sees. What’s left?

By what the religions out there read, they judge what is authoritative and what is not( or in other words, by what they like or dislike).

So let’s say we get rid of all the books and wipe out all memory of them. Because we know that stuff won’t hold water at Judgment Day. What’s left?

Posted by: scribbles2day | June 23, 2007

They’ve got a Bible even!

Door knockers are visiting. They’re missionaries from another church and they want to tell you about their religion. Put the kettle on!

Now, the temptation runs like this: Authority bashing and escalation. Escalation is reaching for a cannon when your opponent has a gun. Who hasn’t experienced that?

You sit down with them to tea and the Bible comes off the shelf. Then what you have are two opposing religions with the tendency to pit Bible verses against Bible verses and it just gets messy from ‘battle’.

The door knockers leave and you feel like a wet noodle because you couldn’t “trump” them with your authorities. Bummer!

Posted by: scribbles2day | June 23, 2007

Radical Faith

Faith is a strongly held belief in something or someone, usually God.

A Christian today is normally defined by some affiliation with a church. Receive Christ and presto! You’re a christian. Become a member of the church and you get what…? Doctrine. You enter the process of what is called ‘discipleship’ and you learn the doctrines of the church you signed up with. These doctrines are how you know that you are safe, like a security blanket.

Radical faith is where life gets fun (don’t try this at home!). You’re a 6 year old kid at the pool with your dad. You don’t know how to swim but you want to. Your dad leads you to the deep end of the pool. You’re scared, but he tosses you in there anyway. You can’t breathe, but you take a short breath, sucking water into your lungs and you spasm. You’ve come to the end of your life but you’re not dying. In fact, you are more alive than before. Radical!

So, you’re a christian. Can you breathe under water?

Well, I have been breathing ‘under water’ for several years. I was diagnosed with a rare disease called NF2. I’ve had two brain surgeries and I just recently passed my first anniversary of being deaf (yay! Not!).

So what I’m suggesting here is, those doctrines that people need to hide behind to feel safe are being used to keep them from drowning! Have you got what it takes to let go of it? Are you keeping yourself or is God keeping you?